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Mercoledì 22 Febbraio 2012

Verifica Incerta di Baruchello e Grifi presentato all'Expanded Forum della Berlinale 2012

Il 14 febbraio 2012 Verifica Incerta di Gianfranco Baruchello e Alberto Grifi è stato presentato all'Expanded Forum della Berlinale con una lettura dell'artista e filmmaker Harun Farocki. La presentazione fa parte del progetto Living Archive - Archive Work as a Contemporary Artistic and Curatorial Practice curato da Arsenal - Institute for Film And Video Art e finanziato dal Federal Cultural Foundation e dal Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.

Di seguito, una sintetica analisi del film da parte di Harun Farocki. Il testo viene presentato nella sua versione orginale in inglese. Guarda le foto della presentazione su:

"LA VERIFICA INCERTA is a montage of scraps from different films of various genres. When watching it for the first time, it becomes clear just how strict the rules of genre actually are. A Western can certainly include a bathing scene, but it's not allowed to look like it would in a holiday film, while it's fine for there to be a shootout in a holiday film provided it doesn't look like one from a thriller or war film and so on.

LA VERIFICA INCERTA edits together its material in an elegant and polemic manner, with the shot/countershot technique being cheerfully dismantled in the process.

LA VERIFICA INCERTA is a precursor to the many other works which also re-edit films. It is worth investigating how something new is able to emerge from material compiled in such a way as well as how the materials themselves are still able to retain some sort of intrinsic value."

Harun Farocki